Summer Maintenance Tips

♦ Make sure to change out your HVAC filter this season if you haven't already.

♦ Check and clean all dryer vents or other exhaust vents to the exterior of the home. Some cleaning could require a professional.

♦ Trim back any limbs from nearby trees close to your home. Trees can cause property damage from severe storms.

♦ Take care of any insect (ants, bees, spiders) problems you may have around your home. Summer is their playground.

♦ Make sure to check your deck for any curling, cracked, or rotting wood. If you find any of these damages, it's time to replace the boards.

♦ After heavy rain or hail storms, have a contractor come out and inspect the shingles on your home. Such weather can cause enough damage to create leaks.

♦ Make sure to have your sump pump checked before every storm season to prevent from basement flooding.

♦ While inspecting window and doors, do not forget to check and clean your screens. They can build up dust and mildew.

♦ Summer is the best time to focus on the exterior of your home by inspecting and cleaning roofs and chimneys of any insects, and repairing or replacing your home windows.

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