Elastomeric Roofing

Protecting your roof with a quality product will extend the life of your roof and protect one of your biggest investments. If your commercial building has a flat roof then a quality protective layer is even more important.
Elastomeric coating is a spray made from acrylic latex and has many uses.  When professionally applied to commerical roofing by a professional roofing contractor, this product may last anywhere from 20 to 50 years.
The main benefits of adding Elastomeric to your roof is the water barrier it provides, protecting your roof and building against water damage. It also provides a thermal barrier to your roof reducing the temperature of your roof and providing your building with reduced energy costs. Elastomeric is a product that is flexible even below freezing and will resist damage to your roof from strong weather such as hail.

Contact Western States Construction today if your commercial building has a flat roof and you are looking for a product to protect your roof from water, heat, and every day wear and tear. We can give you more details on how Elastomeric Roofing can help protect your building's roofing.