Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Different seasons bring with them different problems for home and business owners. Check out some of these maintenance tips to make sure your home or business is protectected! Visit regularly to see the most recent tips from Western States Construction.

Fall Maintenance Tips

♦ On the first day of autumn, make sure to start prepping your home for cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and those many hours you will spend indoors.

♦ Save energy and money with thermoplastic polyolefin single-ply roofing or TPO. This type of roofing has excellent heating reflective qualities, can handle a roof's natural expansions and contractions, and is energy efficient. Let this type of roof defend ultra-violet rays, chemical exposure, and ozone. For questions about TPO for your commercial building project, please contact us.

♦ Make sure to clean out your gutters during the fall season and check for any leaks. Invest in a mesh gutter leaf guard to save time and labor for the future.

♦ Check around skylights, pipes, and chimneys for any leaks or gaps. Heavy snow & ice will find its way in. Have a professional inspect your roof for these issues.

♦ Make sure to check around windows and door frames for cracks. Caulking helps prevent heat from escaping and water from getting in and freezing, create more cracks, and mold build up.

♦ Not properly preparing your home for the winter can become costly. Make sure to turn off exterior water lines and drain any faucets or hoses to prevent water from freezing, cracking, or even bursting your pipes.

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